Gas Manufacturing in the Marcellus: How Oil & Gas Companies Are Producing More with Less

June 13, 2017

by Chad Bourne and Curt Taylor The manufacturing of natural gas in the United States is here; shale gas operators have now become the swing producer of the United States. What does this mean? In late 2016, natural gas exports eclipsed imports becoming a net exporter of natural gas for the first time in the history of the United States oil and gas industry. In addition, with the expected continued […]

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Evening shot of an oil Fracking Drill Rig with natural lens flaresFracking Oil Well is conducting a fracking procedure to release trapped crude oil and natural gas to be refined and used as energy

A Basin Reborn: The Revival of the San Andres Formation

June 7, 2017

The Permian Basin The Permian Basin of western Texas and southeast New Mexico, one of the oldest and most prolific oil and natural gas area in the United States, has seen a renewal of interest in recent years.  Since the 1920 discovery well drilled into the San Andres formation, the basin has produced over 30 billion barrels of oil and will produce an estimated 2.4 million barrels of oil and […]

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Oil platform in Tenerife

Expansion of MENA Offshore Sector Underway

June 5, 2017

By Indrajit Sen, Oil & Gas Middle East Commentary by Tommy Mars, Managing Director–Opportune EMEA Over the last decade, the offshore segment has been one of the main growth areas of the global oil and gas industry. Almost 50% of discovered conventional oil and natural gas resources were found in deepwater reserves, with almost 75% coming from a water depth of over 1,000 m. Until the second half of 2014, […]

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Finance and banking concept. Euro coins and us dollar banknoteclose-up. Abstract image of Financial system with selective focus, toned, double exposure.

The Role of Private Equity in Oil & Gas Funding

June 5, 2017

By Mauro Fiorucci, EMEA Transaction Services Leader, in Rienergia Developments in Oil & Gas Funding Historically, the role of institutional investors in the oil and gas sector has been limited to investing in common equity and bonds of blue chip corporates. The lion share of oil and gas funding was borne by the banking industry through secured and unsecured loans. This evolved during the years of the commodity boom when leading institutional […]

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Person touching a shield with a lock symbol, concept about security, cybersecurity and protection against dangers

Spotlight on Cybersecurity: How Oil & Gas Companies Can Prevent Major Data Breaches within their Networks

May 31, 2017

By Rob Roberts Like most industries, network and data breaches at oil & gas companies are on the rise. As I write this, hundreds of medical industry sites in Europe are under attack by the WannaCry ransomware program. Long expected to be prime targets, Utility Industry networks are fair game as well. But with oil prices inching back up and hackers ramping up their arsenals to attack fossil fuels industries, […]

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Radio broadcast studio, on the air.

NPR Houston Interviews David Baggett: Is the Millennial Workforce Into Oil and Gas?

May 26, 2017

Interview with Opportune Managing Partner David Baggett by Florian Martin, NPR Houston Some energy companies are stepping up their campus recruitment efforts. The oil downturn has caused many college students interested in energy-related fields to rethink their career choices. But David Baggett, managing partner at Houston-based energy consulting firm Opportune, says the oil and gas industry needs millennials – and there are signs that the feeling is mutual. His company […]

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