Jeanna Kostak

Industry Sectors

  • Oil & Gas Exploration
  • Energy

Principal Areas of Practice

  • Transactional Process & Reporting
  • Land Administration
  • Production Allocation & Reporting
  • System Conversions & Implementation

Professional Experience

Jeanna has over twenty five years of experience in the Oil & Gas Industry in various operational capacities: Human Resources, Revenue Allocation and Distribution, Management, Administration and Purchasing. Jeanna has over 15 years experience in Oil & Gas back office Outsourcing and excels in system administration, training and support. Her extensive experience in Human Resources and Management provides efficient Client Set-Up and an outstanding liaison relationship with clients as well as third-party vendors. Jeanna co-founded PetroAcct in January 1999.

Representative Projects

  • Set up start-up companies on the BOLO accounting software system under either full cost or successful efforts methods.
  • Convert established companies from their legacy system to BOLO.
  • Provide ongoing outsourcing services for our clients.
  • Coordinate financial audits performed by independent CPA firms for our clients.
  • Prepare regulatory filings related to the production of oil & gas to Federal, State and Indian Tribal government agencies.