Land Due Diligence

Opportune is uniquely positioned to provide land due diligence and integration support on any
size project. Our seasoned Land Team is comprised of lawyers, field, and in-house land
professionals, and can be augmented through our network or those of the client, to bring basin
specific expertise.

Acquisition & Integration Support

Title (field and legal); WI/NRI confirmation; title research and curative; title defect
and curative; threshold attainment confirmation (e.g., 80%); production; mapping;
and support in-house efforts to integrate the assets.

RBL Support & Audit

For operators and financial institutions, we confirm stated value coverage and
provide results through the most effective/requested means (e.g., data room links,
binders, roll-up reports, etc.).

Divestiture Support

Develop exhibits; title reports; produce comfort opinions; title defect curative; and
data room services.