Kip Shore, P.E.

Portrait of Kip Shore, P.E.


  • Midstream
  • Downstream


  • Project Development & Strategic Planning
  • Process & Project Engineering
  • Operation Optimization & Safety Systems Analysis
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Market & Economic Analysis
  • Technology Assessments & Development


Kip is a Managing Director at Opportune LLP. He specializes in technical and economic issues in the petroleum refining and affiliated industries. He has over 25 years of professional experience that includes valuation of refinery and related assets, market research and analysis, development and management of refinery projects, strategic and capital planning, evaluation of refinery operations and equipment, optimization of plant performance, process engineering and design, and technology research and development. Kip has worked with petroleum refiners, commodity trading companies, capital consortiums, private equity, regulatory bodies, research organizations, and legal firms.

Prior to joining Opportune, Kip co-founded NEXIDEA, Inc., a successful downstream consulting firm focused on providing technical, economic, and business consulting services world-wide. He assisted clients in North America, Europe, Russia, China, South America, and the Caribbean. NEXIDEA became a part of the Opportune downstream consulting team in 2015. Before his consulting career, Kip worked for Phillips Petroleum. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Wyoming.


  • Led process design basis and specifications for a grassroot refinery and terminal facility for a Brazilian oil and gas company. Project involved atmospheric and vacuum distillation, visbreaking, treating, and marine terminal. Work included detailed process modeling using HYSYS, technology evaluations, major equipment sizing, developing storage and transshipment requirements, facility layout, and project cost estimate.
  • Conducted market analysis and assessment of petroleum products supply to a chain of regional convenience stores in the Southwest U.S. for prospective investment group. Analysis included evaluating channel supplying the market, identifying low cost suppliers, and evaluating critical structural changes in the market such as the impacts of refinery shutdowns.
  • Advised and coordinated US independent petroleum refiner with the development of a ten-year strategic plan to improve refinery wide economics and meet future environmental regulations. Follow-on work included conducting a technology assessment to meet low-sulfur gasoline regulations.
  • Assisted a premier research organization in the evaluation of a novel technology for the desulfurization of gasoline and diesel. Effort included development of conceptual process flow diagrams, technical sounding board, assessment of potential markets in the US and Europe, evaluation of conceptual processing economics, development of a business plan for licensing of the process, and identifying early adopters.