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Downstream: Chemical Engineering: Plant Turnaround Maintenance Management

An Undisclosed Company (the Company) is one of the largest independent liquids terminal and pipeline operators in the US with international operations in Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Europe, and the Caribbean. The Company engaged Opportune to provide maintenance turnaround management for an international petroleum processing plant. The plant had been operated intermittently to meet seasonal product requirements for several years. The goal of the turnaround was to complete required plant maintenance for safe and reliable operation and to convert the plant from intermittent to continuous year-round operation.

Opportune provided an expert turnaround maintenance team consisting of a seasoned turnaround maintenance manager and project scheduler. For this engagement, the team developed and maintained the turnaround schedule, provided reports to management regarding turnaround progress, managed turnaround resources and costs, guided daily human resource allocation, and, in conjunction with the Company, developed work scopes and action plans for unexpected problems identified during the turnaround. Additionally, the Opportune team provided internal daily status reports and weekly management reports to all stakeholders.

The turnaround of the plant was planned to have a duration of three months and was budgeted to cost $1.2 million. The Opportune management team exceeded expectations, completing the turnaround within the planned three-month window and achieving a 15% reduction in cost. Paramount in achieving this successful outcome was the team’s ability to respond to any unexpected issues discovered during the turnaround. Opportune’s team successfully brought the appropriate resources to address these unexpected problems, handling them efficiently and preventing them from impacting the turnaround schedule or cost.

Opportune consultants have real-world operating experience with all aspects of petroleum refining and processing facilities. Opportune’s engineering, construction, and operational expertise provide a comprehensive view and seamless resource for many types of project management and execution. For additional information, click here.