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Commodities Trading & Logistics: Restructuring

An undisclosed lender for a privately held trading company engaged Opportune as a crisis manager to assist in the evaluation of immediate liquidity needs, the ongoing viability of the trading company’s business, and the cost benefit of liquidation. Opportune served as a financial advisor and provided the undisclosed lender with an intricate and accurate valuation report for collateral purposes during a volatile situation involving multiple stakeholders.

Opportune responded quickly to assess the financial and operational viability of the trading company. Opportune’s energy expertise provided the undisclosed lender with assurance, while our experienced restructuring team identified, analyzed, and forecasted the ongoing financial viability of the trading company and its stakeholders. Opportune’s valuation analysis, cash and liquidity forecast models, and business plans guided the undisclosed lender through the complex decision-making process of determining whether to liquidate the trading company or to allow them to continue to operate and move forward. Our responsive and trustworthy services helped resolve the best solution for the undisclosed lender and all the stakeholders.

Having worked for both companies and their stakeholders across the energy industry, our professionals have engaged in numerous in and out-of-court restructuring situations. We provide crisis management, effecting operational and financial restructurings, and we advise clients through the bankruptcy process. As advisors to companies, we have helped stabilize and revitalize operations, creating long-term value by reducing costs, shedding non-essential operations, realigning capital structures, developing viable plans for working capital and long-term financing, and structuring reorganization plans.

In our work with stakeholders, we have successfully argued for value, supported litigation, provided formal company and industry-specific reports, developed competing reorganization plans, and supported our efforts with testimony and expert work product. For additional information, click here.

John Echols

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