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Downstream: Process & Technology: Predictive Analytics and SAP HANA Implementation

Undisclosed Gas Company is one of the largest integrated oil companies in the world. Annually ranked in the top of Global and US Fortune 500 lists for more than 50 years, it is a recognized leader in the oil and gas industry.

Undisclosed Gas Company engaged Opportune to lead Supply Predictive Analytics (SPA) Project for their U.S. downstream operations group. SPA was conceived by Undisclosed Gas Company's supply and trading IT architecture group after conducting a successful proof of concept with expert statisticians from a multinational technology and consulting corporation. The proof of concept showed predictive analytics tools could help the business better manage extremely large datasets involved in monitoring the daily inventory positions of refined product across the U.S. supply chain. Undisclosed Gas Company engaged Opportune to convert that proof of concept into an operating system the business could use to manage this portion of the business.  In order to accomplish this, Opportune worked directly with the U.S. supply operations team, which is responsible for managing the clean fuels supply chain at over 100 terminal locations across the U.S.

To convert this concept into reality, Opportune quickly assembled a project delivery organization, worked with the Undisclosed Gas Company IT architecture organization to develop a technical framework, and developed a formal business case for deploying this new technology. During the early phases of the project, Opportune also assembled and presented the business case for the project to senior business and IT management, who subsequently approved the project to go forward.

Opportune helped the client assemble a team of Undisclosed Gas Company employees, contract statisticians and Opportune Process & Technology resources to manage the project and deliver the solution.  Opportune’s outside expertise was selected to help the client largely because the project required an aggressive schedule. The aggressive schedule was driven by two events that constrained the business’ availability in 2015: 1) the winter to summer gasoline conversion in April 2015 and 2) the relocation of the business offices across the U.S. in June 2015.

Opportune played a key role in the overall management of the project, managing the project budget and delivery schedule, coordinating the testing activities, and leading the cutover of the project into the long-term support organization.

Starting in March 2015, the project deployed the final solution in a phased manner. The final solution was a combination of the latest database technology (SAP HANA), complex business visualizations (SAP Business Objects) and sophisticated statistical modeling tools (SPSS modeler).

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Matt Flanagan

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