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Power & Gas: Process & Technology: Organization & IT Strategy

“Undisclosed Retail Power Marketer” is an industry leader in competitive electricity, providing power to over 1 million homes. Through exceptional customer service, competitively-priced plans and renewable energy programs, the company has maintained a leadership role in the marketplace and the community.

The client engaged Opportune senior professionals to serve as an advisor to review their organization and IT strategy. The company had recently reorganized to create more separation and autonomy between supply and marketing organizations. This created the potential for significant changes to strategies, IT requirements and organizational roles and responsibilities. Opportune conducted a broad review of the company’s current business approach, developed a view of new business requirements, identified gaps and developed plans to close these gaps.

Specifically, Opportune professionals were engaged to execute projects in several areas, including:

  • Developed retail supply strategy, deal pricing and load forecasting methodologies, organizational approach and business processes to integrate with supply and trading
  • Defined multiple options for organizational models, integration approaches and performance metrics; described pros/cons and requirements for each to succeed
  • Led joint (supply and market) discussions to develop consensus on organization approach
  • Defined metrics to assess effectiveness of supply sources and strategies
  • Reviewed pricing tools and approach to ensure market-based transfer pricing
  • Conducted diagnostic of load-forecasting tools, processes and impact on both supply and marketing organizations
  • Defined new organizational roles, responsibilities, expectations and metrics for supply-related activities
  • Defined supply options to test effectiveness and pricing of alternate supply strategies
  • Identified critical gaps in load forecasting needed to maintain adequate and accurate granularity of supply requirements and tie to revenue forecasts

Opportune professionals have deep, extensive experience in all aspects of the retail power business – overall strategy, supply strategy and operations, risk management, load forecasting and retail IT systems. Our professionals have both extensive consulting and corporate experience in retail power. This diverse skill set allowed us to quickly assess the current business and identify potential gaps. More importantly, we have the ability to engage with senior leadership to develop tailored strategies and implementation plans. For more information, CLICK HERE.

Charlie Palmer

Managing DirectorOpportune LLP