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Power & Gas: Process & Technology: Strategic Planning

A fully integrated North American energy retailer and services provider engaged Opportune to assist in the development of a 15-month set of goals, objectives, and plans for the Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Opportune began by conducting a careful background assessment and analysis of the current organizational structure, culture, people, financial operations, and institutional history to develop an understanding of the best way to implement new CFO objectives. Opportune’s expert team constructed and documented the CFO’s mission, objectives, and key result expectations, while synthesizing key stakeholders to ensure the integration and overall understanding of the CFO’s plans. Opportune’s valuable energy industry experience guided the Client through this strategic, decision-making process.

Business processes and technology are core competencies of Opportune’s consultants. Our deep knowledge of the energy industry includes exploration and production, processing and pipelines, feedstock sourcing, refining, power and gas utilities, and financial and physical products marketing and trading. This makes us well-suited to advise and drive results across the energy supply chain through business processes and technology deployment and optimization. Our clients look to us for informed, actionable analysis, design and implementation that support a quest for operational excellence and superior business results.

Through business process reengineering and automation, Opportune steps-in to evaluate and rethink energy business processes, making expert recommendations and leading the transformation to help our clients realize their potential. For additional information, click here.

Charlie Palmer

Managing DirectorOpportune LLP