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Commodities Trading & Logistics: Process & Technology: ETRM Implementation

A global investment bank with an active involvement in emerging markets had a goal to expand its commodities business with trading and logistics operations in physical oil, coal, iron ore, and metals.  As part of the company’s growth strategy, it engaged Opportune to expand its process and technology and to implement more automation to overcome its current process challenges.

Opportune provided enhancements to the Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) systems including, defining and supporting new and current business processes by streamlining and automating information flows between its various departments.  The primary products included in the expansion were physical coal and physical copper concentrates.  The ETRM implementation covered functionality from trade capture, complex pricing, logistics, and risk through settlement and invoicing.  There was a specific focus on managing the quantity and quality through the supply chain process.  Opportune also made a number of custom development improvements to the trade approval process and the pricing of deal amendments.  Additionally, Opportune automated the settlement process and the development of an event monitor, allowing users to proactively manage time-specific actions for pricing and credit-related events.

Opportune has specialized in helping our clients better manage their end-to-end transaction processes and the delivery of new processes and systems to reduce risk inherent in a commodity-centric business.

The Opportune team has provided ETRM services to a multitude of industry sectors and players. We offer our clients all the knowledge and resources that come with a seasoned staff adept in energy-industry specialization and financial acumen.  For more information, click here.

Kurt King

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