Rice Energy Finance Summit 2017

Event Date:
Location: Shell Auditorium, McNair Hall, Jones Graduate School of Business, Rice University, Houston, Texas

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Curt Taylor, President of Ralph E. Davis Associates, an Opportune company, will be hosting a panel at the Rice Energy Finance Summit that will address "capitalizing on opportunities in a challenging energy environment."

Panel Topics:

1)  “Financing the Domestic Energy Boom” – The U.S. energy renaissance has revitalized capital allocation and investment commitments to the oil and gas space from both traditional and alternative funding sources. Members of the panel will discuss current trends in energy funding, as well as the multitude of financing options available to domestic energy companies.

2)  “America's Evolving Role in the Global Energy Landscape” – Technological advances and efficiency improvements in unconventional resource development, primarily driven by U.S. firms, have created an inflection point within global energy markets. Although OPEC continues to be the primary market mover, there is no doubt that the balance of power is under transition. Members of the panel will discuss the altered dynamics of the global energy landscape and debate future trends.

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