SAP Best Practices for Oil and Gas 2016



Opportune Partner, Matt Flanagan, will be speaking on "Making Downstream Refining Mergers & Acquisitions Work" with CIO of PBF Energy, Richard Loew. This session will take place on Wednesday, September 14th.

Making Downstream Refining Mergers & Acquisitions Work:

In the past year, PBF Energy has acquired two large refineries which has expanded their geographic footprint in the US into two new supply regions. These acquisitions came with sizable SAP footprints that had to be understood, integrated into the PBF's existing IT, and folded into PBF's overall support model - within an aggressive Change-in-Control (CIC) schedule.

We employed a strong emphasis on communication from the very beginning and built a plan that kept the M&A parties involved in the key decisions around organization and IT. We maintained a consistent engagement with the HR function throughout the process from acquisition planning to execution of CIC. We also relied on partners who both understand the downstream refining business and how to deploy major SAP programs.

Engaging in a refining acquisition is a major transformation effort for both parties involved, but with the right approach and execution these programs can managed in a cost effective and timely fashion - enabling your company to accelerate the value capture from the new asset.


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