10 Reasons Why Your Company Would Benefit from a Refinery Consultant

Refinery consultants are trained refinery engineers and scientists that possess the expertise necessary to help downstream energy companies improve their bottom line by optimizing process performance in order to meet the demands of the ever-changing marketplace.

Refinery consultants are the clear decision for many companies seeking a refinery expert with a specific set of skills. What many companies in the energy sector have come to realize is that the application of a refinery consultant's advanced proficiency ultimately results in increased company profits and reduced risk.

Refinery consultants are the answer for many downstream energy companies for a multitude of reasons. The energy industry is in a constantly evolving, and where there is c hange, there is room to add value and reduce risk. Whether it is a change within a business itself, such as a new business acquisition, or changes to the industry as a whole that affect a business, such as passing new market regulations, there are a multitude of occasions where a company would benefit from a refinery consultant.

Below are just a few of the numerous reasons to consider hiring a refinery consultant.

  • New acquisition or divestiture
  • Corporate, debt, or financial restructuring
  • Refinery expansion
  • Poor economic performance relative to peers
  • Changing crudes
  • In need of new technical support
  • Change in management
  • Addressing operational problems
  • Compliance with new environmental regulations
  • Engaged other consulting firms
Refinery consultants are seasoned professionals, often possessing decades of experience in troubleshooting, high-level analysis, and problem solving for refinery operations before taking the step into the consulting field, making them true refinery experts. They possess the expertise necessary to collaborate with clients internationally to identify key issues and apply cost effective solutions that are right for private and public downstream energy clients alike. With a unified vision of bringing value to the client, and the flexibility to work within a large range of budgets, refinery consultants are a clear option for refineries both big and small.

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