10 Ways a Reservoir Engineer Optimizes Reservoir Development

Reservoir engineers are experts in a branch of petroleum engineering seeking to optimize oil recovery during oil field development. Reservoir engineering evaluates field performance to obtain high economic recovery using advanced skills, such as applied mathematics, subsurface geology, and petrophysics. Reservoir engineers conduct reservoir modeling studies and evaluate exploration opportunities in order to maximize the value of exploration and production.

Basically, a reservoir engineer uses his skills to get as much of the oil out of the ground as quickly and efficiently as possible. Because no two oil and gas fields are the same, reservoir engineering is a constant challenge that requires an ever expanding knowledge of the industry.  Reservoir Engineers must be experts in the areas of physics and chemistry governing the behavior of petroleum liquids and vapors in subsurface conditions in order to be effective in the many roles a Reservoir Engineer plays in the industry.

Below are 10 ways a Reservoir Engineer aids Reservoir Development:

  1. Performing reservoir characterization studies
  2. Obtaining accurate reserve estimates for use in reporting to various regulatory bodies
  3. Production forecasting for property evaluations and development planning
  4. Analyzing the economics and assessing the risk of major development programs
  5. Conducting reservoir simulation studies to determine optimal development plans
  6. Developing cost-effective reservoir monitoring and surveillance programs
  7. Recommending and evaluating enhanced reservoir depletion schemes, such as water flooding or gas injection, to maximize hydrocarbon recovery
  8. Designing and implementing carbon sequestration projects to minimize the emission of greenhouse gases
  9. Conducting and analyzing pressure transient tests as a primary source of reservoir data
  10. Various economic modeling, including decline curve analysis, material balance modeling, and inflow/outflow analysis
Reservoir engineers use a multidisciplinary approach and a myriad of tools in evaluating the production potential of a reservoir. Reservoir engineering is crucial to the oil and gas industry.  Reservoir engineers maximize field development, providing the most the industry has to offer.

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