2018 New Year

As we roll into 2018, Opportune is proud to close out another successful year of business and open the door of new possibilities in the coming year. To celebrate our 12 years of success, we are excited to share our refreshed visual identity that includes a new logo and updated website.

And while a new look and feel is a very exciting way to launch the New Year, we would be remiss to not acknowledge and celebrate all of our big wins in 2017. So to celebrate, we are excited to share with you some of our greatest hits from the last year:

  1. We launched Dacarba.
  2. Brought on exceptional new leadership at Ralph E. Davis.
  3. Launched our first class of college graduate new hires.
  4. Added new leadership: Steven Bradford, Chris Hudson, Jim Allen, Dan McCormick
  5. And promoted others: Jim Boney, Farhana Ahmed, Amy Stutzman, Ryan Bouley, Stephen Bell
  6. Our experts weighed in on the OPEC cuts earlier this May.
  7. When the President issued an executive order targeting Obamacare, we helped explain the impact for health insurance and hospital stocks.
  8. We explained the various evolutions of the Gawker.com bankruptcy.
  9. We even got on the blockchain trend, providing insights on both the hype and the hope of the technology.
  10. And our hundreds of energy experts commented regularly on production activity and oil prices. Here, here, and even here.

As we continue to expand the scope and scale of our work across the globe in the coming years, it is important that our brand evolves as well.  And while our look is changing, who we are at our core remains the same. We are still focused on adding exceptional value to our clients each and every day. 

Happy New Year!  

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