3 Ways Opportune Adds Value To Private Capital / Private Equity

Private capital and private equity firms need a partner with deep energy industry expertise that exudes confidence, reduces risk and provides individual, tailored solutions, all in support of ensuring positive outcomes that realize tangible growth, maximize monetization of investments and provide management oversight to make your investments work across the entire transaction life cycle. We are uniquely qualified to help private equity and private capital firms, whether buying or selling, to rapidly react and succeed in today’s dynamic energy market. Here are three ways we add value to every engagement:

  1. Growth
    Growth requires capital and resource allocation. Whether it’s buy-side due diligence and complex financial reporting or tax advisory and reserve engineering, we have you covered to maximize growth opportunities within your investment portfolio.
  2. Oversight
    Management teams need a partner that allows them to focus on operations rather than back-office activities. We are uniquely qualified to deliver comprehensive back-office outsourcing, process and technology, tax compliance and reporting solutions to ensure operational and financial success.
  3. Monetization
    Private capital and private equity firms need a partner that provides cradle-to-grave solutions that maximize exits from the startup acquisition and integration, to performance improvement and through to exit, whether that be through IPO preparation or restructuring. 


"NGP had six companies in our portfolio sucessfully complete initial public offerings. Opportune provided the expertise to assist several management teams that were working to comply with rigorous SEC accounting and reporting obligations."
— Chris Carter, Managing Partner, Natural Gas Partners

David Baggett

Managing Partner

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