3 Ways to Change Perceptions of an Asset Retirement Obligation

Oil and gas companies are required by the FASB to report an asset retirement obligation in agreement with Statement 143.  Asset retirement obligation accounting is a complex and highly-technical accounting requirement that oil and gas companies must manage.  ARO Software can assist oil and gas companies in performing this task with accuracy and certitude.  However, instead of viewing this requirement as a taxing and cumbersome task, companies should utilize the associated data as a tool to further their business. 

By fulfilling the asset retirement obligation, companies gain a clear and true perspective of their company, which can prepare them for the future.  ARO Software is used to produce precise calculations for disclosure requirements, but it is also beneficial.

1) Asset retirement obligations help companies understand what they have.  ARO Software yields detailed information about future cash outflows and liquidity, which can be used in business planning and strategizing.  It is also a way gage profitability. Overall, it helps companies understand what it takes to maintain and if there is room for growth.

2) Asset retirement obligations help companies manage their risks.  ARO Software identifies risks and liabilities.  This asset information sheds light on the threats of inevitable operational challenges, from recessions to forces of nature. 

3) Asset retirement obligations help companies control their future.  ARO Software is a reliable and consistent resource to be leveraged to track change.  Companies are encouraged to utilize this regulation as a comparability and analysis tool that provides companies with solid foundation to build upon.

Although companies must disclose the asset retirement obligation as a legal obligation, recognizing these details enhances their ability to organize financially and operationally.  An asset retirement obligation can be costly and complicated, but ARO Software simplifies and streamlines asset retirement obligation accounting.  Companies can realize their full potential by being mindful of their asset retirement obligation.

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