Are Presidential Hopefuls Ignoring Real Issues of Renewable Fuels?

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The debate over policy governing renewable fuel requirements has intensified recently. Powerful interest groups have ignited a divisive battle to influence policy-makers. When it comes to this year’s election, renewable fuels continue to be well-supported, but policy mandating the use of those renewable fuels in gasoline remains to be seen.

The Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) mandates biofuel volume requirements in fuel. Aside from the clear need to reduce our carbon footprint, the original goal of the RFS was to reduce the United States’ dependence on foreign oil by replacing a portion of imported oil with renewable fuels produced domestically. However, many believe, that has become unnecessary, thanks to the shale revolution.

According to the EPA, “We’re balancing two dynamics: Congress’ clear intent to increase renewable fuels over time to address climate change and increase energy security, and the real-world circumstances that have slowed progress toward those goals.”

Taking a deeper look the challenges, it’s clear why this is a hot-button issue for so many.

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