Energy Consultants Can Help to Stabilize Your Business

Energy consultants can provide an unbiased and independent view of a business, its market presence, and corporate strategy to identify potential risks and issues which is especially important during periods of economic distress. Unfavorable market conditions not only pose challenges to existing abilities, but also create an entire new range of financial considerations that require actionable knowledge to overcome. At a time like the present where the energy industry is marked by volatile markets and increased competition, a business can help ensure its stability with the support of an energy management consultant.

Below are a just a few of the many services that energy consulting firms can provide:

  • In-depth analysis of industry and market conditions and trends
  • Assistance with complex valuation, risk management and regulatory compliance issues
  • Due diligence and M&A integration support
  • Expert witness and dispute support services
  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Sensitivity analysis to measure risk and vulnerability to possible unfavorable conditions
  • Assistance with designing and assessing realistic restructuring solutions
  • Assessment of and advice on a company’s debt structure, cash flows and financing needs
  • Preparation of business plans and forecasts for lender due diligence
  • Design and development of a tailored cash flow forecasting model
  • Preparation of financial statements to ensure compliance with GAAP and IFRS
  • Assistance with of purchase price allocations and fresh start accounting valuations
  • Goodwill and other asset impairment testing
  • IPO readiness/guidance through the IPO process from start to finish

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