How Custom Software Can Streamline Your Business & Improve Your Bottom Line

by Tandy Lofland

The Benefits of Custom Software for Your Business

A commonly overlooked facet of business process improvement is the incorporation of custom software solutions.  Custom software solutions, as opposed to expensive off the shelf solutions from vendors, have the potential to drastically streamline your business processes while reducing risk, improving compliance, introducing auditing, improving reporting, and reducing person hours.  Additionally, with the ability to run tasks overnight and in off hours, it is possible to automate processes to run so that your key decision-making data can be available before the start of business every day thus, further reducing overhead and adding to your bottom line.

Streamline Your Business

Chances are your organization has countless daily tasks that require the attention of one or more people.  Those tasks can be replicated in a custom software solution that will accomplish the same goals, and in many cases add improvements that would be too cumbersome or complicated for humans to regularly perform.  Since they are custom by nature, the complexity of a custom solution can range from as simple as importing data from Excel into an existing database to as complex as an entire custom trading system.  Just a few examples that many organizations would benefit from are:
  • Centralized reporting solution to combine data from different pre-existing applications and deliver on-demand and automated reporting presenting key metrics across your organization.
  • Transitioning key business processes from relying on Excel or Access databases to using a secure and user-friendly internally hosted web application.
  • Automating the import or export of data from 3rd party or internal sources like Excel or internet data feeds.
Since custom solutions are tailor made for your business, they can be built to accomplish virtually any task faster and with better accuracy than humans could ever hope to.

Prevent Downtime Before it Impacts Your Bottom Line

All too often a major interruption to business is the catalyst for the implementation of a custom software solution.  By analyzing your systems and implementing the correct custom software solutions for your organization before they are necessitated by an interruption to business, you will reduce risk across the board while improving compliance, improving reporting, and allowing your team to focus on the business.  As with most issues, the best time to address interruptions to business is before they affect your bottom line and not after.

Picking the Right Partner for Execution

When it comes to actually developing custom software solutions many businesses face a variety of challenges.  It is unusual for most businesses to staff a team of software developers, and hiring developers and assigning a project manager for a few projects can prove prohibitive.  These challenges can easily be mitigated by partnering with a consulting firm that is capable of bringing technical expertise coupled with industry insight. By teaming up with the right firm, you will be able to analyze your needs and quickly deliver effective custom solutions that are able to grow with your business, limit interruptions, and make a positive impact on your bottom line.

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