Hurricane Harvey: Helpful Information 9-1-17

Updated as of 4:08pm on Friday, September 1, 2017

Dear Family and Friends of Opportune,

Below you will find information that could be helpful to those in need:

Other Resources Harris County - Office of Emergency Management 713-881-3100 713-884-4500

Fort Bend - Office of Emergency Management 281-342-6185

Houston American Red Cross 713-526-8300 866-526-8300

Flood Control 713-684-4000

Houston TranStar - Transportation and Emergency Services 713-881-3244

Texas Emergency Assistance Hotline 877-541-7905

Coast Guard - Houston 713-464-4854 Ext 55 Or 4855, 4856

National Guard 713-578-3000

For the latest on HEB grocery store closings and openings, follow @HEBPrepared@HEB and HEB Emergency Preparedness on Facebook. You can also see HEB's Hurricane Preparation Guide for the latest.


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