Knowing When and How To File An IPO

Private energy companies encounter many financial reporting decisions that must be considered during the IPO process. It should also be noted that these same considerations may also apply to reverse mergers and sales of private companies to public companies.

Before an oil and gas company begins to consider filing an IPO, however, it is important for private companies to understand what it means to be a public company and how that may affect current operating practices and thinking.

Amy Stutzman, Managing Director in Opportune’s Complex Financial Reporting practice, will be addressing this topic and more during a timely roundtable discussion at the 4th Annual KAYO Women’s Energy & Resource Summit on June 14, 2018 in Houston, TX.

Stutzman will be offering other key observations such as the current state of market conditions, valuations and private equity considerations.

Additionally, Stutzman will give her thoughts on where the energy equity capital markets are headed and provide insight on what investors might be looking for or are focused on. She’ll also discuss some of the steps and considerations for laying the groundwork for a successful transition to live as a public company and touch on the suggested time for such measures, and much more.

Opportune LLP is a proud sponsor of the KAYO Women’s Energy & Resource Summit. CLICK HERE to view the agenda or how to register.

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