Let Us Make 2019 Your Year

Opportune is proud to close out another successful year of business and we are looking forward to opening the door for new opportunities in the rapidly approaching New Year. After 13 years of delivering exceptional value to our clients, resting on our laurels will not be an option as we gear up for a remarkable 2019. 

The holiday season is an excellent opportunity to reflect on successes achieved over the past year. So, to celebrate, we are excited to share with you some of our accomplishments in 2018: 

  1. We launched Opportune Partners, an independent, conflict-free investment banking and financial advisory affiliate of Opportune
  2. Joined the Salesforce Partner Community to extend capabilities in providing business transformation services to the energy industry
  3. Added new leadership: Shane Bayless
  4. And promoted others: Ryan Bouley and Stephen Bell
  5. Provided exceptional service with regard to assisting numerous clients navigate new lease accounting and revenue recognition reporting requirements
  6. Our experts weighed in on how Pacific Gas & Electric could be liable for California’s wildfires
  7. Partnered with River Logic to add value to clients by maximizing the optionality of their logistics assets
  8. When President Donald Trump signed the tax reform bill, we helped explain the impact on the energy and non-energy sectors here and here.
  9. We explained energy sector implications after the midterm elections and various energy bills that were on the ballots, such as Colorado’s controversial Proposition 112.
  10. And our energy experts commented regularly on oil prices, finance/M&A trends and power and gas markets. Here, here, here and even here

As we continue to expand the scope and scale of our work across the globe in the coming years, we look forward to 2019 with a great deal of excitement and enthusiasm about the industries we serve, our services and our people, always proactively keeping our core mission in mind: adding value to clients.

Happy New Year!

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