Oil, Natural Gas Futures Slide, As OPEC And Inventories Weigh On Traders' Minds

Opportune's Shane Randolph weighs in with TheStreet...

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Consequently, commodities investors looking for direction on both oil and gas prices may have to settle for a meandering market for both energy sources going forward, experts contacted by TheStreet say.

"The only thing for sure is that oil and gas prices will go up and they will go down," says Shane Randolph, managing director at Opportune Consulting, in Denver.

Randolph says market fundamentals might indicate traction in a particular direction, but those indications can lead to "some confounding results."

"Whatever the current outlook in the market may be, a producer's decision to hedge should be rooted in understanding their cash flow requirements to meet debt payments, capital expenditure budgets, general and administrative costs and dividend expectations," Randolph explains.



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