Oil and Gas Consulting Firms

Oil and Gas Consulting firms play a key role bridging gaps in managing, extending, and maintaining the systems and processes required to keep the oil and gas industry running smoothly. Oil and gas outsourcing services, along with oil and gas accounting services, are just a few of the many unique offerings these consultants bring to the table. In most cases, the main goal of hiring an oil and gas consulting firm is to improve upstream, midstream and downstream operations.

Upstream operations call upon oil and gas consulting firms for support of upstream applications.  Some examples of these include exploration and production tools used for acquisition and analysis of geological and geophysical data.   Contracts, royalties and applications for the management of leases, are also included in this group.   Finally, certain applications also support reservoir engineering activities, drilling activities, well production and economics.

Downstream operations utilize oil and gas consulting firms for their downstream applications, including tools for refining, processing, and sale of products derived from crude oil and natural gas.  The downstream sector is the point at which the products reach the consumer.

Midstream operations reach out to oil and gas consulting firms for support of midstream applications, which include logistical tools for transporting products from the refineries and plants, to their final points of sale or storage.  Midstream applications sometimes include portions of upstream and downstream segments, such as activities around natural gas processing plants, or crude refineries.

If a company needs assistance in upstream, midstream, or downstream operations, oil and gas consulting firms can be a great resource for improvement.  From oil and gas outsourcing needs to oil and gas accounting professional services, oil and gas consulting firms have been proven to play a key role in improving daily operations.

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