Oil and Gas Outsourcing for Energy Companies Done Right!

Oil and gas outsourcing services give clients improved efficiency in the daily business of transactional process and reporting, so they can focus on strategic activity and better profitability. With a skilled, right-sized staff using high-quality technology, Opportune's oil and gas consulting back office lowers costs while maintaining business as usual. In a time when mergers and restructurings are increasingly frequent, oil & gas outsourcing remains a convenient solution that provides reliability and continuity.

Opportune currently provides back office services for more than two hundred public and private companies across the world. Opportune's outsourcing team offers expertise in transaction reporting, land administration and reporting, joint interest billing, accounts payable/receivable, production allocation and reporting, and software system administration.


The benefits of outsourcing with Opportune add up to a more streamlined and successful business.

  • Predictable budgeting costs
  • Increased quality of results
  • Lower costs for information technology
  • Reduced headcount
  • Access to highly skilled back-office staff
  • Improved efficiency
  • Improved profitability
  • Freedom to focus on strategic activities
Always working in the best interests of their clients, Opportune has the industry experience needed to assist with your oil and gas outsourcing needs, best practice expertise and high-quality technology necessary to function as a full-service back office.  Clients rely on Opportune’s deep oil and gas operational expertise and knowledge, so they are able to focus on other internal business functions. If you need a team of experienced energy consultants to provide comprehensive solutions to your oil and gas transactional process and reporting challenges, contact Opportune’s experts today.

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