Opportune Celebrates a Decade of Client Success

Full Story: Oil & Gas Investor - July Special Report

"This year Opportune LLP will mark its 10th anniversary by continuing to do exactly what it has always done: serve its oil and gas clients in the upstream, midstream, downstream and power sectors throughout the oil patch. With around 300 employees operating from six domestic offices and one in London, the Houston firm has grown steadily over its first decade and can readily meet its clients’ needs for professional energy services.

These include a wide variety of services, from reserves analysis and chemical engineering capabilities, to providing financial reporting resources, SEC compliance and financial restructuring advice.

In this day and age of complex processes and lengthy mission statements, Opportune cuts to the chase, for itself and for clients. Its mission statement says it all: “Add value to clients.”

The approach is to first understand what a client needs or what is worrying its executive team, then figure out what Opportune’s teams can do to help.

Of course, how that plays out makes all the difference in the world. That’s why Opportune has diversified its offerings over the years, yet always in order to meet clients’ concerns. In 2007 it started a process and technology group; in 2009 it began its tax practice and acquired a back-office firm for outsourcing, which today serves more than 100 upstream clients.

Opportune is not resting on its laurels. Just this year, it acquired two companies: the 90- year-old Ralph E. Davis Associates Inc. for reserves analysis and engineering, and chemical engineering firm Nexidea Inc. It all speaks to the multiple ways the company can handle complex client problems and collaborate with the end goal in mind: Provide successful outcomes for continued growth. Add value to clients."

—Leslie Haines, Editor-in-chief, Oil and Gas Investor

Full Story: Oil & Gas Investor - July Special Report


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