Opportune Tech Talk-The SAP Commodities Management Forum

A few weeks ago, Opportune attended the SAP Commodities Management (CM) Forum in Heidelberg. In our continued aspiration to be at the forefront of Commodity Management and Energy Trading, we have been attending this forum for a few years now and in that time the number of attendees has grown steadily (up to 80 this year), as has the diversity of organisations and industries represented.

The SAP proposition is that only they can offer a unified ‘all-in-one’ platform for Commodity Management that eliminates the complexity of interfacing typically seen when CTRM/ETRM solutions are used in a more ‘best-of-breed’ application architecture approach. SAP outlined what it believes are its key differentiators around 1) end-to-end commodity management through integrated procurement and sales process, 2) a highly flexible commodity pricing engine, and 3) improved reporting to support management of commodity risk. Other work in 2016 has included a focus on User Interface enhancements; particularly around deal capture. The S/4 HANA compliant release for SAP CM will be in 2017.

The customer presentations from companies in the Agriculture and Mining industries demonstrated the integration with standard SAP ERP and SAP Industry solutions as well as providing backing to the ability of the latest CM releases to handle the pricing complexities found across different commodity types.

Opportune holds the view that for certain types of companies, (energy) Processers and Producers being the first obvious group, needing to support some commodity trading and risk management processes, an ‘all-in -one’ solution is becoming a compelling proposition. Indeed, we are currently working with a couple of Downstream Oil and Gas companies to help shape the adoption and integration of the commodity trading and risk management processes and technology into their respective SAP landscapes. In summary, the market still has several choices around the use commodity management solutions; Opportune is active in helping the Oil and Gas industry determine the best fit for its unique requirements.

Jonathan Davis – Director, Process & Technology, Opportune EMEA

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