Opportune, Weaver Experts To Discuss SALT, Key Considerations When Making Oil & Gas Acquisitions

Subject matter experts from Opportune LLP and Weaver are slated to convene in Tulsa, Oklahoma on July 18, 2019 to discuss legislative and Supreme Court updates for sales and use tax, as well as key considerations when making oil and gas acquisitions. The event in Tulsa comes after the two firms met previously in Dallas, Texas on June 4, 2019 as part of the informational series. 

Despite technology advancements and investments into best practices, each oil and gas deal brings its own set of opportunities and unique set of challenges. Opportune Managing Directors Amy Stutzman and Lynn Loden, along with Director Byrony Coan, will speak on a variety of topics associated with the intricacies of oil and gas acquisitions, including:

  • Best practices for asset integration;
  • Financial reporting considerations;
  • Tax considerations; and
  • Upstream metrics and trends

Even the simplest of transactions often have limited timelines and unique requirements. Engaging third parties with expertise in due diligence, project management, IT, etc. that are familiar with both the oil and gas sector and complexities associated with acquisitions can lead to a smoother overall process.

Stutzman and Coan wrote in depth about the key considerations when making oil and gas asset transactions in the April 2019 issue of Oil & Gas Investor magazine.  

Representative Upstream Oil & Gas Transactions
(Source: Opportune LLP)

Opportune’s professionals have decades of deep experience within the energy market and have added value to corporate and private equity clients on over $100 billion of public and private transactions globally. We do this by working together as one firm—assembling our seamless team of finance, tax advisory, process and technology, due diligence and valuation professionals. We work with a sense of urgency and focused discipline to deliver outstanding service within mandated time frames.



Amy Stutzman

Managing DirectorOpportune LLP

Lynn Loden

Managing DirectorOpportune LLP

Byrony Coan

DirectorOpportune LLP

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