Secret to Survival in Downstream Market?

When it comes to the energy industry, and in this market, particularly refinery operations and management of other downstream activities, there is often a big disconnect between services clients seek and services consultants provide. The situation is ripe with irony, however, in that the disparity occurs not due to a lack of need from the client or a lack of ability by the energy consultant, but due to trouble in relaying objectives and exchanging ideas between the parties. There lies the secret tool to survival in the downstream market: communication.

It can be frustrating for both advisor and client. Highly skilled consultants with decades of experience have an unending flow of ideas, ways of increasing efficiency, reliability, profitability, and ways of cutting costs and improving safety. But helping clients identify opportunities only happens with open and frequent communication. Learning when and how to identify opportunities and getting the most of advisory solutions is more important than ever to the survival and health of downstream companies in the current state of the sector. If it has been a while, it may time to reach out to your Chemical Engineering consultants to discuss objectives and to discover the numerous ways that they can help.

Did you know? Chemical Engineering Consultants are experts in a vast variety of facilities and operations:

  • Petroleum Refineries
  • Olefin Plants
  • Polyolefin Plants
  • Aromatics Production
  • Reclaimed Lube Oil Refineries
  • Asphalt Production Units
  • Retail Marketing Networks
  • Field Stabilizers
  • Gas Processing Plants
  • NGL Fractionators
  • Crude Oil Blending Facilities
  • Terminals (Transload & Storage)
  • Condensate Splitters
  • Fuel Oil Flashing Units
  • LNG Import/Export Facilities

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