Strong Energy Consulting Firm Differentiators

Energy consulting firms offer a strong differentiating advantage versus traditional consulting firms.  The experience and skills possessed by energy management consultants are necessary to solving the energy industry’s toughest problems.  Below are three differentiating factors that set energy consulting firms apart.

  1. Energy Consultants Know Your Business
The majority of energy consultants have worked for energy companies.  They have sat in your chair.  They know your unique business processes and the challenges you face.  From complex financial accounting issues to complex system implementations, energy consultants have been involved before and know what it takes to jump in and succeed.
  1. Energy Consulting Firms only Focus on Solving Problems Specific to Energy Companies
Energy consulting firms focus 100% of their attention and resources on energy companies.  Energy consulting firms only hire candidates with strong energy experience and are organized and structured around solving common energy-specific problems.  Since energy consulting firms house a concentration of energy consultants who work together to provide energy consulting services, they have a confident and deep knowledge base for collaborative and innovative energy solutions.
  1. Energy Management Consultants Know the Energy Industry
The Energy Industry is different.  The industry goes through frequent intense market fluctuations since it is tied to the volatile prices of certain commodities.  Energy management consultants have experience dealing with the rapid up and down swings of the energy industry.  This isn’t their first rodeo.  They are uniquely qualified to provide advice that will not just get energy companies through today’s industry climate, but will have an eye toward preparing companies to take advantage of future market changes.

Traditional consulting firms can’t touch the expertise energy management consultants can provide to energy companies.  An energy consulting firm’s subject-matter proficiency can add more value to clients than other firms without the energy industry experience.  For quality advice and analysis, advanced solutions and problem-solving, and a client-centric focus, engage energy consulting firms.

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