Survive & Thrive in the Digital Energy Revolution

Opportune is a proud sponsor of the SAP Best Practices for Oil and Gas Event (BPOG) in the Woodlands, TX September 12-15.

With the current market conditions, BPOG provides an opportunity for the oil and gas community to learn about new solutions to challenging issues.  The conference will showcase speakers from all across the industry including Industry Thought Leaders, SAP, IT leaders, analysts and service providers in a collaborative and thought-provoking forum.

Breakout sessions and speakers will cover topics on how to drive value from technology to reduce costs, drive operational efficiencies, increase visibility, become more agile and improve your bottom line.

Opportune Partner Matt Flanagan will co-present with PBF Energy CIO Richard Loew on “Making Downstream Refining Mergers & Acquisitions Work.”  In the past year, PBF Energy has acquired two large refineries which has expanded their geographic footprint in the US into two new supply regions. These acquisitions came with sizable SAP footprints that had to be understood, integrated into the PBF's existing IT and folded into PBF's overall support model - within an aggressive Change-in-Control (CIC) schedule.

Also presenting will be Opportune Partner Kurt King who will co-present with SAP on the key changes in revenue recognition and its impact on the industry.  Opportune expects that new GAAP and IFRS guidelines for recognizing and reporting revenue and operating lease obligations will have far-reaching impacts on financial results and disclosures starting in 2018.  Compliance will require integration of most commercial, operational, and support areas of your business.  Leveraging SAP solutions such as Revenue Accounting Recognition, Real Estate, and partner solutions will provide an integrated approach to addressing these comprehensive guidelines.

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