The Next Best Investment: How Do These U.S. Oil and Gas Shale Plays Rank?

The survey results are in from our energy experts. Permian ranked #1 as the next best investment for oil and gas companies. How did we rank other U.S. shale plays? See below for the complete list:

map of continental united states with multicolored pushpins marking the u.s. shale plays that are the next best investments for oil and gas companies


  1. Permian
  2. Marcellus
  3. Anadarko-Woodford
  4. Eagle Ford
  5. Haynesville
  6. Utica
  7. Niobrara
  8. Bakken
  9. Granite Wash
  10. Barnett


  1. Permian
  2. Eagle Ford
  3. Anadarko-Woodford
  4. Niobrara
  5. Bakken
  6. Granite Wash


  1. Marcellus
  2. Haynesville
  3. Utica
  4. Eagle Ford
  5. Anadarko-Woodford
  6. Barnett

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