Time to go to a Conference

Industry conferences are important events for businesses to attend, serving as a valuable insight to the pulse of the industry. Conferences not only enlighten its participants of the latest trends and technologies; they also provide a chance to network with other industry professionals in building valuable business relationships.

Industry conferences offer value during both years of growth and years of decline, which is often overlooked. As we navigate the current industry downturn, conferences provide a platform for pulling together and addressing the widespread issues we all face in the oil and gas industry. In sharing ideas, we can all aspire to learn something that will help in developing new solutions.

Another hope in attending these industry conferences is that taking a step back from the daily grind may reignite a more positive perspective for the future of the industry. Experiencing the hum of an industry planning for its future and anticipating an end to the decline can offer a refreshing perspective.

While attending a conference, it may seem obvious, but walking the booths to stop and speak with vendors can provide much more insight than simply understanding the vendors’ wares.  Vendors are an important piece to networking and can provide another perspective on the industry and where it is headed.  Vendors also facilitate additional networking opportunities through introductions to other industry professionals and companies facing similar issues or who may have interesting opportunities.

Whether reconnecting with old contacts or developing new relationships, attendance at conferences allows an industry to work together to face problems head-on and develop a plan for the future.

Opportune is a proud sponsor of the following upcoming events in 2016.

  1. WSLCA Summer Conference – July 10-14
  2. A&D Strategies – September 7-8
  3. SAP BPOG – September 12-15
  4. GCPA Fall Conference - October 4-6
  5. P2 Ascend – October 10-12
  6. Allegro Summit – October 17–21
  7. AFP Conference – October 23-26
  8. AICPA – November 13-15



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