Top 5 Technology Trends for Utilities in 2017

graphic displaying icons that represent closing the customer engagement gap, enabling digital field operations, responding to energy consumerization, bringing the sharing economy to energy, protecting the customer and digital grid

The utility industry has historically been viewed as conservative, traditional and slow to adopt leading business practices and technology solutions.  In recent years, this has been changing with ever-increasing momentum.  Today, it is not uncommon to see utility companies adopting cutting-edge, customer-facing solutions, leveraging highly capable field service technologies and experimenting with advanced business intelligence capabilities.  Utilities have quietly been rolling out extensive Internet of Things (IoT) platforms for many years--long before the IoT moniker came to be.  Which of the countless buzzwords and management philosophies should garner the most attention from utility technology executives?

As an energy industry consultant and former utility CIO, I believe these five trends sit atop the agenda for utility technology leaders in early 2017:

  1. Closing the Customer Engagement Gap
  2. Enabling Digital Field Operations
  3. Responding to Energy Consumerization
  4. Bringing the Sharing Economy to Energy
  5. Protecting the Customer and Digital Grid
Let’s examine each of these trends, their key value drivers, and some ways in which technology leaders can position their organizations for success.  This information can, in turn, serve as a basis to evaluate IT investment strategies and enumerate projects required to meet the emerging needs of the new utility. Click below to read more about these five trends...

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