Top Reasons Hiring a Refinery Consultant is the Better Option

Refinery Consultants have numerous advantages over the in-house refinery engineer, though that may be surprising to hear at first. Below are 6 reasons why hiring a refinery consultant is the better option.

  1. Refinery Consultants fill a need when staffing can't. The oil industry will face the largest exit of employees over the next 5 years as the baby boomers reach retirement age. The refining industry cannot hire talent fast enough and the already hard-to-find talent of a well-rounded refinery expert continues to become an increasingly difficult role to fill.
  2. Refinery Consultants aren't permanent fixtures on the payroll. If we are being truthful here, one of the major benefits of hiring a consultant is the fact that their presence is a temporary one. They fulfill their responsibilities and then leave when their specialized expertise is no longer needed. Expenses like insurance and retirement are not a concern.
  3. Refinery Consultants are not as limited in their experience. There is very little room in the consulting world for mediocre talent. Refinery consultants are refinery experts with projects around the world and experience with nearly every challenge imaginable. From chemical engineering to project financing and everything in between, refinery consultants have a skill set that is incredibly tough to beat.
  4. Refinery Consultants also have the advantage of a having the collective experience and aptitude of every member of a consulting team, often with multiple lifetime careers under their shared belt. More heads are, after all, better than one. Collective knowledge is a powerful tool.
  5. Refinery Consultants can leverage connections. Often one of the most challenging areas for refinery engineers is breaking out of his shell and connecting with other industry professionals. In an industry that is by all rights still an old boys' club, the right relationships can often mean the difference between success and failure. Refinery consultants bring a vast network of connections to the table.
  6. Refinery Consultants have the unique ability of bringing together a lifetime of skills and fill numerous roles in order capitalize on opportunities, mitigate risk, and address critical industry issues and changes; the optimal solution for any successful project.

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