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Financial Modeling
Opportune has been engaged to prepare financial models across a number of projects within our Complex Financial Reporting and Corporate Finance service lines. Representative projects include, but are not limited to, cash flow models for the following purposes:

  • Forecasting full US GAAP financial statements for oil & gas and independent power producers based on third-party, market and management data
  • Generating full US GAAP financial statements linked to an oilfield service client’s forecasting system
  • Testing cash debt covenants based on static reserve reports for an oil & gas client
  • Forecasting future cash flow based on management assumptions and outstanding A/P
  • Forecasting future hedge requirements, liquidating damages and transportation costs for the United States’ largest integrated electric utility

Business Process and Technology
Opportune’s seasoned energy experts assist our clients in building and improving their business processes and technology to seamlessly accommodate the complex physical and volatile energy markets. Our process and technology services tailored for private capital investments include:

  • Business process reengineering and automation
  • Supply chain management
  • Software selection and integration
  • IT infrastructure planning and optimization
  • IT security assessment
  • Project management
  • Project recovery and remediation

Quality of Earnings Assessments
Prior to making an investment in a new company, or deciding whether to exit an existing investment, all providers of capital must evaluate an entity’s financial health, both retrospectively and prospectively. Opportune understands the value of traditional analytics, but also has the ability to assess Earnings Quality, which is the degree to which earnings are attributed to aspects of the company’s business, as opposed to external forces. In bringing to bear the necessary experience to evaluate the stability and persistence of a company’s earnings, we consider the following:

  • Accounting practices
  • Internal control environment
  • Management experience
  • Capacity to deliver on growth projections
  • Macro-economic influences
  • Cash flow stability