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BOLO software is a top-quality solution specifically tailored to the business needs of the energy industry. By using this software and other top programs in our back-office services, Opportune is able to manage and streamline transactional operations and reports electronically, giving you anytime access to project information, well and lease data, accounts payable/receivable, land and production reports, tax information and more.

BOLO software is:

  • Flexible
    BOLO can be tailored to your specific needs within the industry.
  • Industry-specific
    Designed with reporting in mind.
  • Accessible
    Reports are easy to retrieve.
  • Integrated
    BOLO can integrate with the following software programs: 
    • LandWorks, to combine data with lease mapping.
    • Spendworks by Oildex, for electronic invoice processing.
    • Certex, for check writing, eliminating the need for preprinted check stock.
    • CDEX, for electronic transfer and receipt revenue detail.
    • JIBLINK by RedDog, for electronic transfer and receipt of joint interest billings and revenue.

Opportune not only uses industry-leading BOLO software — we also maintain dedicated BOLO file servers to keep your information secure. We also specialize in conversions to BOLO, integrating your data into our system to maximize accuracy and efficiency.

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