Downstream: Tax: ETRM System & Sabrix Implementation

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Downstream: Tax: ETRM System & Sabrix Implementation

PBF Energy (PBF) is one of the largest independent petroleum refiners and suppliers of petroleum products in the United States. PBF recently completed its IPO and continues to grow rapidly. Opportune was initially engaged to implement PBF’s ETRM system (RightAngle) and was further engaged by the Tax Director. As PBF expanded, the tax department and the organization needed support to streamline and manage daily tax operations. PBF leveraged Opportune’s industry experience and specialized expertise in downstream tax to navigate the complex motor fuels and sales/use tax laws related to crude supply and refined products in the new regions.

The client engaged Opportune’s Tax group to simultaneously perform the tax functions for the implementation of the RightAngle tax module and the integration of Sabrix, a sales/use tax automation software, with PBF’s accounting system, SAP. Opportune deployed a hybrid team of RightAngle, Sabrix, and SAP experts. This team, in addition to tax advisory professionals, designed and built two integrated systems of tax applications, while adapting the business to the tax rules of the new jurisdictions.

The project team served as the liaison between the commercial and tax groups at the client, leveraging the unique combination of expertise from its team to navigate the business through the complexities of its growing business. Opportune delivered solutions that streamlined and automated tax processes and continues to assist PBF by training users and serving as the sales tax advisor.

Opportune provides comprehensive tax solutions for businesses that require strategic or tactical tax support. Our seasoned professionals combine sound, innovative and adaptable ideas with the pragmatism that comes from having been on both sides of the desk — in both corporate and consulting roles. We develop creative solutions that drive performance while mitigating enterprise risk. For additional information, click here.

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