Opportune LLP Develops Business Continuity Plan For Leading Utility Company

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Opportune LLP Develops Business Continuity Plan For Leading Utility Company

An independent transmission-only utility company (“the Company”) with assets across multiple regional transmission organizations sought assistance with the development of an enterprise business continuity plan (BCP).

The Company engaged Opportune’s Process & Technology practice to conduct a business impact assessment and develop templates and an extensible framework for continuity planning in order to mitigate negative consequences from unlikely, but severe, events. Carefully crafted and well-rehearsed continuity plans enable energy companies and critical infrastructure operators to minimize service interruptions, protect the revenue cycle and preserve customer satisfaction in what could otherwise be catastrophic circumstances.

To satisfy the Company’s specific requirements for the BCP, Opportune provided the following advisory services and deliverables:

  • Provided project management, business analysis, and utility industry subject-matter expertise.
  • Identified, categorized, and scored relevant high-impact, low-probability events based on client operational profile.
  • Reviewed critical business functions and assessed the impact of potential disruptions.
  • Refined the overall strategy and developed process reference documents to mitigate the impact of the scenarios identified.
  • Documented the results of the assessment (e.g., risk level, preparedness, mitigation).
  • Created an initial set of key business function response plans to increase tactical resilience and provide a pattern for the client to build upon post-engagement.
  • Assisted the client in establishing a cross-functional governance committee to generate executive ownership of the BCP, as well as associated processes and supporting documentation.

Opportune’s professionals added value by providing industry-specific insight and leveraging proprietary tools to decompose functions and processes to build a foundation for the development of a comprehensive BCP and put in place the organizational structures and processes necessary for the client to continue to maintain and extend the plan over time.

Opportune helps energy clients standardize, modernize, and optimize their organization, business processes, and systems by applying deep industry acumen, project management, change management services, and technical expertise. For more information, CLICK HERE.

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