AICPA & CIMA Oil & Gas Conference

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AICPA & CIMA Oil & Gas Conference

Event Date: November 8-10

Location: Las Vegas, NV


Opportune is proud to hear Steve Kennedy speak at the AICPA & CIMA Oil & Gas Conference!

Join us at the event for CPAs, financial leaders and other US and international professionals involved in the oil and gas industries, including legal experts, and governmental and regulatory officials. Steve Kennedy will speak about “Current Trends in Debt Financing for the Oil and Gas Industry” on November 9.

Find out the most pressing accounting, audit and tax issues affecting the oil and gas industry. Topics will focus on important matters such as:

  • The future of the oil & gas industry
  • The shift to sustainability
  • Geopolitical, political, economic, and SEC updates
  • Financing trends
  • Tax challenges and pitfalls, and much more

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