FUZE 2023

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FUZE 2023

Event Date: October 30-31

Location: Houston, TX 


Opportune is a proud sponsor of FUZE 2023!

We're Not Just Discussing The Future, We're Creating It.

Fuze: The Future of Energy is an event for forward-thinking executives, innovation leaders, investors, and founders eager to lead the charge into the future of the energy sector.

Fuze is a melting pot of ideas, solutions, and visions aimed at harnessing the power of technology to catalyze efficiency and prosperity in the global energy landscape.

The Fuze Experience:

Attendees get a glimpse into the future of energy technology.

Throughout both days, there is an array of innovative exhibitions on display, showcasing the latest breakthroughs in energy technology. Here, you can interact with cutting-edge solutions, witness the future of energy in action, and meet the brilliant minds behind these advancements.

At Fuze, we’re not just discussing the future; we’re creating it. We’re unlocking the potential of technology in oil, gas, and emerging resources for an energy-abundant planet. We invite you to join the conversation and contribute to shaping the energy landscape of the future. Together, we can illuminate the path to progress.

Who Attends Fuze?

Fuze is designed for those who are leading the transformation of the energy sector – be it industry executives, technology providers, startup founders, researchers, or energy enthusiasts. Our event is a unique opportunity to network with industry pioneers, explore cutting-edge technologies, and engage in robust discussions about the future of energy.

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