ESG Investing Fuels The Energy Transition

Josh Sherman Written by Josh Sherman

ESG Investing Fuels The Energy Transition

Why Is ESG Critical?

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) matters are critical to understanding the full risk profile of a company and how prepared it is to drive long-term growth, performance, and shareholder value while managing or mitigating risk. ESG issues are evolving across all industries and are a critical business imperative that requires a strategic, multi-stakeholder approach.

What You Need To Know

ESG is the future of energy investing. Instead of it being designated as a separate discipline, ESG is becoming an integral part of the way investors analyze how companies create long-term value and growth. So, how can companies transition to such an ambitious goal? By partnering with an experienced business advisor who understands their business operations and possesses the operational and technological acumen of how to plan, implement, and execute a sound regulatory framework. Opportune understands the importance of integrating ESG with business strategy for the long-term financial and operational benefit of shareholders and stakeholders.

We drive improved performance, manage risk, and enhance market position by leveraging the following areas of expertise:

  • Financial Reporting
  • Process & Technology
  • Tax Advisory
  • Strategy & Organizational Design


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Josh Sherman

Josh Sherman


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