Opportune’s Patrick Long & Steve Roberts Discuss Energy Supply Chain Trends

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Opportune’s Patrick Long & Steve Roberts Discuss Energy Supply Chain Trends

There is no shortage of media headlines describing the many challenges facing supply chains and the energy industry today. To explore these two important topics in-depth, Opportune Directors Patrick Long and Steve Roberts recently joined host Doug Draper on the “Uptime Logistics” video podcast, powered by CAP Logistics, to share some of their insights and expertise, providing energy education, industrial trends, and the beginning of some exciting future-focused strategies when it comes to enhancing supply chain optimization and more.


About The Experts

Patrick Long is a Director in Opportune LLP’s Process & Technology practice. Patrick has over 20 years of experience in providing clients with energy trading and risk management, packaged software implementation, trading and risk processes, and business process automation. Patrick focuses his time on studying supply chain issues and implementing optimization. He helps transform capabilities from non-existent to best-of-breed solutions. His current focus for clients is making sense of inventory and the supply chain to address management questions. He enjoys thinking of ways to thwart irrational human behavior and its effects on optimization. Before Opportune, Patrick worked in the energy consulting trading and risk systems practice at Accenture where he managed project teams through the entire process of software selection to the successful implementation of trading and risk management systems for energy trading entities.

Steve Roberts is a Director in Opportune LLP’s Process & Technology practice. Steve has over 20 years of experience consulting in the energy industry providing clients with trading and risk management processes and system implementation, supply chain optimization, asset acquisition integration, and business analytics. Before joining Opportune, Steve worked at Andersen Consulting and Accenture in the energy practice. Throughout his career, Steve has worked with integrated supermajor oil companies, midstream energy companies, merchant refiners, and global banks. Steve holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University.

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