Upstream: Entity Data Integration: Appalachian Basin Acquisition

Byrony Coan Written by Byrony Coan

Upstream: Entity Data Integration: Appalachian Basin Acquisition

A publicly traded Pittsburgh-based upstream production company (“the Company”) is currently the largest natural gas producer in the U.S., with a lengthy history in the Appalachian Basin. In the middle of 2021, the Company engaged in the entity acquisition of an upstream E&P company (“the Seller”), which was valued at roughly $2.9 billion and produces roughly 1 billion cubic feet equivalent (Bcfe) of production per day.

The Company engaged Opportune LLP (“Opportune”) to lead the conversion of the Seller’s data into their existing hosted Quorum system. The scope of services performed included:

  • Provided project management and acquisitional subject matter expertise.
  • Accommodated a sprint-style approach to the migration of all entity data based on the Company’s operational need for asset takeover, as well as complying with departmental close schedules.
  • Worked with company business intelligence (BI) department, in conjunction with the Seller’s live system, to convert real-time data. These scripts minimized the need for incremental loads during the transitional service agreement (TSA) period.
  • Scrubbed source data for possible overlap regarding duplication of legacy data.
  • Validated data element mapping based on industry best practices and the Company’s preferences.
  • Provided ongoing support as the system was finalized and entity integration was completed.

Opportune added value by utilizing extensive system integration experience to shift the legacy data from Seller A’s environment into the Company’s. Although the same system integration intuitively sounds straightforward, there is an extensive amount of transformation needed before any data is converted into the target environment. During a company purchase, data cleansing and transformation are integral to business process adoption between a buyer and seller. In working in conjunction with the Company and Quorum, the transformation of data from the Seller to the Company’s live environment was completed timely and accurately.

Opportune’s team of professionals had the depth of industry knowledge and energy expertise to ensure the successful completion of the Company’s entity integration. The team approach to solving the Company’s needs allowed for strategic support from all angles. We bring value to all our clients on M&A engagements through the timely execution of each critically important component that we are assigned. For information, CLICK HERE.

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Byrony Coan

Byrony Coan


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