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Having combined engineering and business backgrounds, we can take the technical and commercial issues of a given refinery or asset to accurate cash flow understanding. We excel at economic modeling of processing and logistical facilities, analyzing markets, developing price forecasts, estimating capital costs and assessing feasibility of projects. Some examples of business services are listed below:

Refinery Configuration Study
Our consultants developed the refinery configuration for a major upgrade to a South American refinery, analyzing the capital costs, incremental revenues, and operating costs.

Restart of Idled Refinery
We analyzed the economic and technical feasibility of restarting a refinery in the Caribbean and developed an operating plan to support commercial negotiations.

Economic Modeling
We have completed detailed cash flow models representing performance of refineries and related assets. In these models, we have developed charge and yields and operating cost data using historical performance, LP models, or detailed HYSYS simulations, depending on the client’s needs.

Market Studies
We have completed customized market studies analyzing the supply, demand and, pricing for crude oil and refined products. Examples of markets studied include:

Caribbean, Colombia, Germany, Ireland, Namibia, Nigeria, Romania, United States

Logistical Studies
Our consultants developed storage and logistical requirements for new and existing refineries assessing potential supply or off-take disruptions and refinery operating factors.

Commercialization of Technology
Our consultants evaluated the economic potential of a new desulfurization technology including development of conceptual designs, capital cost, and economic advantages as well as assessment of potential market demand.

Refinery Feasibility Studies
We have completed several prefeasibility/feasibility studies for new grass roots refineries in the United States, Russia, South America, and Africa which analyzed different configurations to meet local/regional product demand.

Contract Negotiations
Our consultants have provided commercial advice and support to our clients in developing a wide range of agreements:

  • Crude Supply
  • Product Off-take
  • Terminal Operations
  • Engineering, Procurement, and Construction
  • Asset or Share Purchases
  • Licenses
  • Lab Services