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Relying upon our expertise and experience, we provide support to client’s legal teams in a wide range of matters associated with the downstream petroleum industries. Among the areas in which we offer guidance are incident analysis, property tax and economic damages. Some examples of legal/litigation support areas include the following:

Refinery Valuations
We testified on the value of oil refineries for property tax appeals as well as in connection with a dispute resulting from a refinery sale.

Chemical Plant Valuations
We provided valuations of chemical plants for property tax appeals.

Regulatory Program
We presented a study, entitled “Cost Analysis of Colorado’s Winter Oxygenated Fuels Program”, which evaluated the economic impact of terminating the Winter Oxygenated Fuels Program.

Incident Analysis
Our consultants evaluated and testified regarding the release of hydrofluoric acid from an alkylation unit during a refinery fire.

Operations Analysis
We provided analysis of operations-related issues regarding environmental damages at a refinery site.

Environmental Contamination
We provided testimony concerning the value of a refinery that had been impacted by environmental contamination.