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Our consultants have the capabilities to assist clients in all front-end aspects of a project. We are routinely engaged at the conceptual level to determine the economic viability and optimal scope of a project. We are also able to assist clients with the development of project basis, scope definition and process design. At the operations level, we can provide a company’s engineering staff assistance with capital planning, technology evaluation and selection, process design, plant utilities and off-sites, troubleshooting, regulatory compliance and safety analysis. Following are representative technical services:

Refinery Design Basis
We have developed the process design basis and specifications for a grassroots 160,000 b/d condensate refinery and terminal facility including detailed heat and material balances, major equipment specifications, capital cost, and operating expenses.

Process Modeling
We developed process simulation models using Aspentech’s HYSYS for an independent refiner for all of its major refinery process units. The models have been used to assist in analyzing and designing unit upgrades, operations troubleshooting, and to develop stream properties for use in flare system analyses.

Flare System Studies
Our consultants have completed critical studies evaluating relief valves and analyzing hydraulics of flare header systems for refineries and can assist in the development of flare management programs.

Technology Evaluation
Our consultants assisted a refiner with the technical and economic analysis to select the technology to meet EPA Tier II gasoline specifications. Our consultants also developed the process design basis and provided engineering coordination of the selected technology.

Vapor Recovery
We evaluated an existing coker blowdown system, developed the process design to recover the blowdown vapors, and then worked with technology suppliers and refinery personnel to oversee the project through completion.

Acid Gas Processing
Our consultants have analyzed and developed improvements for sour water strippers, sulfur plants, and amine treating.

Benzene Reduction
We developed and analyzed configurations for processing full-range naphtha into petrochemical feedstocks and low-benzene gasoline blendstocks.

Capital Project Support
Our consultants have assisted a refiner in development of detailed process designs for capital projects. We work closely with all departments (design engineering, electrical / instrumentation, safety, operations, etc.) on each project.