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Develop insight from your supply chain data and drive actionable results

Supply Chains

Your supply chain generates enormous amounts of disparate data. Are you listening properly? Do you know how to interface the systems together and curate the data in a way that allows for the business to gain insight into it? Do you know why the optimization yielded certain results? Do you know the overall impact on inventory adjustments? In today’s fast-paced world, supply chain resilience and responsiveness can only come with quick decisions – achieved through the power of business insight into your supply chain.

The Power of Supply Chain Data

40% of modern companies believe that data analytics will be one of the key technologies for supply chain management. (Logistics Management)

81% of supply chain managers report that data analytics will be crucial when it comes to reducing costs. (The Hackett Group)

How Can Opportune Help?

Analysis of Business Process

Opportune has deep experience in analyzing business processes for energy companies. Our experts can help you determine the efficiency of Demand, Supply, and Inventory processes and the efficiency of the business intelligence gleaned from them. Afterall, it is not just about the technology but the incorporate of it seamlessly back into the organization.

Business Intelligence Tool Selection

Opportune’s experts have deep knowledge of the leading business intelligence tools being used to achieve results. Our resources will assess your needs and requirements and help you jointly select the proper tool.

Business Intelligence Tool Implementation

Once the tool is selected, our experts will weave it seamlessly into the overall technical architecture. We will go way beyond manual processes to load data into tools. The implementation is an extension of the overall management of the supply chain.

Creation of Executive Dashboards

While the supply chain contains an enormous amount of detail, our experts know what is and is not critical for C-suite executives. Therefore, we will help suggest and develop meaningful dashboards that allow you to manage all aspects of your supply chain: supply, demand, inventory, logistics, and overall optimization.

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