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salesforce CRM quick start

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) implementations are difficult, and CRM systems are prone to poor adoption. This is often due to long, drawn-out projects that attempt to solve for all requirements and often still miss the mark. Opportune's CRM Quick Start approach simplifies implementations to core features and focuses on speed to value.


  • Short timeline - 4 weeks to go-live

  • Limited to core configuration (no custom development or integrations)

  • Small implementation team (1-2 consultants)

  • In-person, hands-on training

  • Dedicated, proactive support by the implementation team after go-live

Salesforce CRM Quick Start


  • Deliver value quickly

  • Limit required testing by reliance on no-code configuration

  • Small, dedicated, in-person teams limit handoffs and prevent unnecessary documentation and gaps in communication

Quick Start Scope

  • Feature review and initial configuration definition
  • Adoption metrics review and planning
  • Account, Contact, and Opportunity page layout configuration
  • Home page dashboard configuration
  • Essential branding (logo and color scheme)
  • Mobile app configuration
  • Security model definition and configuration
  • Stakeholder demos and feedback sessions
  • User documentation and training
  • Dedicated, proactive support the week of go-live
  • Adoption review and feature roadmap development
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